Saturday, December 18, 2010

Welcome to Fabulous Florida Writers

When you think of Florida, many things come to mind - beautiful beaches, abundant sunshine, palm trees, retirees, manatees, and the omnipresent orange - but you may not know that the Sunshine State is also home to a bounty of some of the best writers around. In this blog, I'll be introducing you to some of them. If you're a book lover like me, you might find a few new authors to add to your list of personal favorites. Or you might learn something new about a writer you already enjoy. So join me on a literary tour of the wonderful world of Fabulous Florida Writers. I know you'll enjoy the ride!
Warmest wishes,

Coming soon: Meet Tim Dorsey


  1. Hey Jackie! *STILL* love Project June Bug...have read it several times. Given the teachers my son currently has, I think THEY need to be reading it. If only my son could have some teachers like you wrote about, things would be SO much better for him (and us).

  2. Hi Jackie,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful, well-written articles on us Florida writers. It is very warming to know our neighbors know who we are and what we do!
    Hope Santa treats you well... cheers,

  3. Jackie,

    Nice to meet at the "book fair" at the library. Sunny introduced us. This blog looks very inviting - a super idea. All the best, Donna

  4. Hi Jackie,
    Love Project June Bug! These kids (like my son & kids I teach) desperately need the world to be more aware of their struggles & steps teachers can take to help them be more successful. Thank you for this beautiful story. Charlotte