Sunday, May 24, 2015

R.I.P. - Sonia "Sunny" Fader

On May 21st, Florida lost one of its fabulous writers. Sunny Fader spent nearly six decades as a screenwriter and is the author of "Land Here? You Bet." An avid animal lover, her most recent book,"The Cat that Loved Dogs," is a charming story she described as "A true tale of love, loss and resilience." Her story, "The Spoon," was included in the recently published Chicken Soup for the Soul's "Hope and Miracles." Sunny was a longtime member of the Florida Writers Association and was a mentor to many fledgling writers. Her warmth, generosity, and passion for writing will be remembered by all those whose lives she touched. Sunny was our featured writer on September 18, 2011.


  1. Sad as this is, Jackie, thank you for the post. And BTW, thank you also for all you do to encourage and enhance the writing careers of so many Florida authors.

  2. Sunny and I became friends when we met in Santa Fe, NM. She changed everyone she met. She was a great friend and mentor who encouraged me to write. Her honest critiques were always right on. I'd only visited her once since her move to St. Pete and regret not visiting her again. She had talked about visiting me sometime as well. I did get to speak to her right before she was transferred to Hospice. She is missed by many of us here. I hope, Jackie, that you will find it relatively easy to finish the biography she was writing about Otto Throw. All of us here are looking forward to its publication. I'm including my email here so you can add it to your notification list. Thank you for being a good friend to Sunny. Valerie Stasik